Nature mostly inspires me. I live in the forest and see all the trees around me, which appeal to me in a special way, present on this planet for so many years, in their silent beauty. Past and present resided in their annual rings within the trunk. The tree resembles the silent life force that observes the world year after year. The world changes, while the tree apparently stays unchanged, rooted deep in the earth. Just a little bit more pronounced in his presence.

Every tree I make is unique. They each radiate their own energy, which is why it can be anyone’s tree of life. People recognize their own frequency in the tree.

Animals also inspire me, whether it’s a cat, dog, horse or a butterfly. Horses have been an important part of my life for over 38 years. I can see and feel every part of a horse with my eyes closed.

When I am sculpting an animal I want to capture their soul and really portray this in my sculpture’s energy. This is why I would like to meet the animal I’m creating when I’m asked to make one.

The same applies for portraits. Besides using photo’s I would like to meet the person in question and ask to pose for me because I really want to feel who she/he is.

Working for companies is also a really exciting process. You have to really identify and intuitively feel what it is the company expresses. To integrate this in your sculpture is a satisfying challenge.